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Are you a practitioner wanting to learn Dr. Rob’s secrets for a successful surgery?

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Accelerate healing pre/post surgery with these 5 tips.

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Save time with Dr. Rob’s pre-selected bundles

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Check out Dr. Rob’s latest podcasts to learn about breast implant illness

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BII Expert

Find out more about The Breast Implant Illness Expert, Dr. Robert Whitfield

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  • 1,200

    Explant surgeries have been performed by Dr. Whitfield

  • 20

    Years experience as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

  • 9,000

    Cosmetic & diverse surgeries successfully performed by Dr. Whitfield

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Austin’s #1 Choice for Natural, Beautiful, and Holistic Plastic Surgery

I'll help you feel and look your best with expedited healing and record recovery time.

I'm Dr. Robert Whitfield, and I am passionate about helping people become the best version of themself. By helping patients rebalance their new bodies inside and out for optimal health, I help them capture their energy and preserve their youth. Because true beauty radiates from within.

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What is HARP?

Whether you have heard about us through a podcast, blog, social media post, youtube or other media source we want to make a difference in your life for you and your family.

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Turn any surgery into a premium revitalization experience

Teach you how to capture energy and preserve your youth

Identify all the markers that can lead to the symptoms requiring correction

A holistic approach to preparing the body for surgery